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Tips while traveling with children (experience based).
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Tips while traveling with children (experience based).

1. First of all, book your flight tickets with months in advance; it's cheaper and you can choose the front seats.
2. Reserve a family friendly accommodation (good location, services, price, etc.)
3. Make your kids walk a little bit around the airport or somewhere else before the flight or roadtrip.
4. Avoid driving with all the luggage, kids and stuff and ask for a private transportation service. I had a really good experience last holidays when I called a shuttle to lax instead of driving to that chaos.
5. Get access to the airline lounges and relax a little bit. . Lounge areas provide to you comfortable waiting places, food, beverages, and entertaining stuff.
6. Visit the restroom before the trip!
7. Pack your kids favorite toys, this way they can get entertained and feel calmed with them.
8. Always have some snacks on your purse.

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