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How to insert video into a previously made show?
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How to insert video into a previously made show?


I see that many are mastering the new video capabilities with Ver. 7. I seem to be a bit behind everyone with the use of video inserts. I can see how to insert a video clip into a slide. But once the slide goes to the next slide, the video ends. What I want to do is to take an existing slideshow and insert a video in a small window in one of the beginning slides and continue playing through the exisiting slideshow. But when I insert the video in, say, the first slide, the video does not carry through the show, but it ends when the show goes to the second slide. Can someone clue me in on what the technique is? I have tried various things but I can't come up with the proper method.


I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


case study explainer

03.10.2017 14:10
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