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Damage Scaling??
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Damage Scaling??


Seems like damage has been ramped up since the update. Went in solo to Irestone with my lvl 6 pally on elite. Something I've done probably 10,000 times over the years. Open gate, hobgob caster hits me with scorching ray for 550 shot dead. Check combat log, no crit, just a 550 pt hit. I think, Okay, a one off. Release, repair, reset. Enter quest, instantly in the red. Haven't moved. Open quest log to double check that I didn't go in on Reaper, it says elite. Release from quest and reset again. Try again. Zone in, no red alert, off to a good start. Open gate, caster turns and hits me with scorching ray again...this time for 700 pts...on a lvl 6 pally with 200 hp. I give up on Irestone, thinking it's bugged for me. Go to House D for the Depths series. Go into despair. All is going well. Elementals are a breeze, oozes going splat, generally thinking my night is back on course to catch up with my guild from my last two missed nights. Then I come across the trog casters. First hits me with MM...for 35 points per...first attack leaves me with 20 hp. Run around corner, lay on hands, shield wand, ready to attack....scorching ray for 450....

So...did the casters get a bump or did I just have a really screwed up one off night?

Any suggestion much be appreciated..?


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16.10.2017 06:53
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