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The problem with the current Rail Gun
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The problem with the current Rail Gun


The current version of the Rail Gun is extremely problematic for various reasons:

The random critical hits in conjunction with the fast charge rate.
Being able to One-hit KO on any part of the body, no matter what the defence stat is.
Spam able left click, capable of easily pushing people of the map.
Charged hits will stun you, making you a easy target and almost ensuring your death.

And last, but definitely not least, the fact that using other 'sniping weapons' has become highly unpleasant. You can no longer take some time to aim, because you constantly have to dodge shots. Depending on how many Rail Gun users the other team has, I have found it almost impossible to use either the Sharpshooter or the Cannonade.

The Rail Gun was changed, because it was deemed to powerful, but instead you have created something even worse.

IMHO, this change should either be reverted (which would be best IMO) or the current version should be changed drastically.


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18.10.2017 07:53
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